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McGill University - October 8, 2019

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Audio engineering is an art and also a craft. Engineers train their skills to become experts through years of practice and trial & error. However, the road to expert status is long and full of technical misunderstandings. These can become obstacles hindering the solid application of the tools even in the long term, and although technical knowledge cannot replace experience, it can accelerate learning. We will therefore go through a selection of such misunderstandings and discuss their effects on Tonmeister daily work. Additionally, a short insight into the Tonmeister program at the Zurich University of the arts will be given.

Loudspeaker and headphones: Practical information for audio engineers
Loudspeakers and headphones are key elements in music production and reproduction. However, their design is affected by a lack in industry standards and their performance is surrounded by myths and misconceptions. This has been the source of some confusion and inconsistency between the production and reproduction chains. In this talk the salient features in their design and a few myths and misconceptions in the performance are discussed. Also, practical tips for purchasing, calibrating, and using loudspeakers and headphones are provided for audio engineers.

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