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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - February 3, 2020

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At 7:30pm Dylan Torres, CRAS AES Chair, opened the meeting with introductions. All who attended the meeting went around the room and stated their name, current cycle, and their favorite song they are currently jamming to. After introductions Dylan gave some updates over events and happenings around the school. AES is holding 3 upcoming events this month with Rode Microphones, Sam Beckley hosting a drum triggering clinic, and Audio Technica. Students also learned about all the audio documents on the AES website that they can purchase or use their membership to get for free. Students who attended also were updated on the CRAS Connect website front page. Women of Audio is holding a presentation with Crystina Duncan in Student Financial Services on February 5th going over financial stability and achieving your goals. CRAS AES also teamed up with WOA to hold a raffle for 8" KRK Rokit G4 monitors announcing a winner on February 14th. After all important updates were given students participated in the weekly topic through critical listening. We listened to the first released version of "Let It Be" by the Beatles, and listened for the anomalies or errors that occurred during recording. After the critical listening exercise subgroup leaders took a few sentences to summarize what their group was and what kind of after school activities they organize. Then all students broke off to network, ask questions, and exchange information with different subgroup leaders. Students broke off to subgroups for around 10 minutes and then came back to their seat to wrap up the meeting with a game of Kahoot. The meeting ended at 9:00pm and all officers stayed after for an extra 10 minutes for a quick officer update.

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