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Universidad de San Buenaventura - September 10, 2019

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"The conference began with a historical introduction of the Focusrite company and some of its most recognized products.
In the second instance, the speaker talked about the basic concepts of the Dante protocol, starting from the fact that it's a versatile protocol, since it replaces the analog wiring with a low-cost and easily accessible fiber optic cable, making it a light and simple solution. This protocol is integrated in multiple devices for audiovisual purposes and is used into these systems through IP networks. This technology allows multichannel digital audio transmission without losing quality since it does not apply compression processes, further that is a system with near-zero latency. Another benefit of the Dante protocol is network redundancy, which avoids loss or interruption of audio in the case of a problem connection in the main network.
Then, the speaker proceed to present the Dante Controller software, which can modify device names, configure the system's sampling frequency, device latency and routing of audio signals. There were some advantages of the system such as the configuration of multiple transmission of information, which means the audio broadcasting to multiple devices simultaneously. The Dante Virtual Soundcard software was also presented, which allows the user to use the ethernet port of the computer, turning the computer into an audio interface, which facilitates multitrack recording and playback. Finally, it is reported that both software can be used in Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. Finally, the REDNET Control software is presented, which also allows managing the multiple system devices that are connected.
As a next step of the meeting, the speaker performed a practical exercise of the connectivity of multiple Focusrite Dante devices, setting up the routing of the signals and configuring the Pro Tools software for multichannel audio recording as well as sending signals for monitoring of the musicians.
As a final exercise, a multichannel recording of a Rock music group was performed, showing the ability to use Focusrite REDNET devices with protocol in studio applications and live sound."

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