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Atlanta - January 10, 2020

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Charlie Post, Chicago Symphony Orchestra's recording engineer, discussed a typical week's schedule including rehearsals, concerts, and mixing/editing for CSO radio broadcasts. Charlie detailed how they focus on each concert recording as a possible future release as well as for archival purposes. He showed pictures of the halls and his control room as well as input lists and mic setups for various recordings. Throughout the lecture Charlie played examples of recent CSO recordings and mixes. He also showed a Pyramix session of his to solo tracks in order to hear the various spot mics and stereo mic arrays as well as discuss processing. A Q&A ended the evening.

In addition, UGA audio engineers and lead organizers of the event, Paul Griffith and Will Marlow, gave tours of their facilities. This included a tour of their control room where they record all three of their halls using Pyramix and Ravenna to connect the rooms. They also showed the halls discussing their mic techniques, room treatment, and hall acoustics.

Thanks to Paul and Will for organizing the event. Thanks to Sound Associates Atlanta for donating the Meyer UPJ speakers for Charlie's presentation.

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