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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - January 20, 2020

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At today's meeting Dylan Torres, our current AES president was sick today, so our former AES president, Peter Gjerset, stepped in to lead the meeting. Since Peter is in cycle 12 today was his last AES meeting at CRAS so he opened the meeting with a goodbye and a wish to keep the CRAS AES community alive. Per usual we continued with introductions where each student states their name, cycle, and a question. Today's question was what audio related thing did you do this weekend and if you went to NAMM what was your favorite part?
After introductions we dove into subgroup introductions which consisted of weekly meetings and an overview of the group topics. Our AES subgroups are student ran groups that will meet up each week and dive deeper into AES topics. These subgroups include music production/DAW led by Joli Williams, live sound led by Trevor Taylor, sound design/post-production led by Clay Westing and Tony Stewart, audio business led by Jimmy Thorne, music theory led by Jared Bone, certifications led by Alec Leal, and Mentorship led by Layton Berggren.
Next, Peter went over school events occurring this week like our event with Dr. E. Micheal Harrington on January 23rd. Joli Williams spoke to the group about Og's Vinyl Clinic last week as well and the general information presented at the clinic. WOA also held a raffle for the Women of Audio give away. Our winner, Autumn Troy, won the Waves Abbey Road plug-in bundle.
Our next portion of the meeting moved into our weekly topic which was NAMM. The people who went to NAMM went around the room saying their highlights from NAMM. Students mentioned a lot of panels that they had enjoyed, different consoles, legendary engineers, effects gear, and the newly introduced Universal Audio's new software Luna.
The last portion of our meeting consisted of all students breaking off to talk to subgroup leaders and ask questions or get a more detailed explanation of the group. Students recollected for a quick game of Core Tech Definitions Kahoot. This took place in Gilbert room 106 from 7:30pm to 9:00pm on January 20th, 2020.

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