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Argentina - December 19, 2019

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On Thursday, December 5, the Student Section performed the "2nd Day AES-TAMABA".
Eugenio Taboada opened the seminar with his master class: "Video games: the Unity engine and audio implementation", where he followed a theoretical tour thru immersive audio.
In second place, Sebastián Cantisano and Lucas Trosman presented their talk "The role of the independent producer".
Eng. Victor Acuña, disserted about "Loudness and level meters". He presented the origins of measurement, theoretical concepts about peak, mid and effective values, their link with loudness, LUFS, and the True Peak.
After the first break, Cristian Bonomo presented his DANTE interconnect Project, that would link all of Tamaba's studios.
We were also honored by the presence of Cana San Martín, who, during his master class "the digital domain applied to live-sound mixing" provided advanced concepts of new technologies applied to a show.
Afterwards, it was the time for first year's student, Gabriel Sotomayor, who has been developing a research called "Ambisonic without being ambisonic".
As a closure for the morning timeslot, Mr. Pablo Bucci, from "Bucci Clásicos", who shared all of his experience, telling us about his beginnings, and his projects.
Later, the students Jesús Almirón and Emiliano Busso, presented their R&D work "Production Collaborative Platform".
Then it was the time to present Lic. Ezequiel Morfi, who brought us his master class "mix and mastering ITB". He went thru 50 minutes of mixing concepts, different plugin applications, and its implementation thru the mastering chain.
At mid-afternoon, it was the time for students Pablo Prat and Bernardo Casagrande, who shared with the audience their experience in the making and setting up of the "Rincón-Alsina" recording studio.
Eng. Andrés Mayo gave his master class "360º sound production" where he described the technical characteristics of the latest tools in his kind of audio production.
Indio Gauvron followed the seminar, with his talk "Audio consoles types" where he went thru a briefing of the different "tables" in pro audio.
The last master class was in charge of Eng. Daniel Sinnewald, who presented his research work "Valves versus Transistors". He went thru the concepts of THD, IMD and TIM distortion.
As a topping for the dessert, diplomas for Labor Honor, to Guido Alfonsi, Indio Gauvron and Ezequiel Morfi, who has been collaborating with AES-TAMABA Student Section.

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