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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - November 20, 2019

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Tonight for our AES event Marc DeGeorge gave us a lesson on the history of SSL as well as a demonstration on the many features of the AWS Console, the Fusion Analog mix bus processor, and the Six Desktop Mixer. We started the night with the origins of Colin Sanders career from his beginnings in creating pipe organ control systems and creating his first Console the Acorn to the production of the first commercial SSL board the SSL4000B. Next, Marc DeGeorge discussed the evolution of the SSL brand and products from the SSL Total Recall system and Superanalogue console designs to the SSL AWS digital analog console and SSL's partnership with Audiotonix, making them the largest console manufacturer in the world.
After our discussion of the history of SSL Marc DeGeorge gave us a demonstration of the SSL Fusion Analog mix bus processor and some its key features such as Vintage Drive for harmonic saturation and the High frequency compressor for cutting out harsh frequencies and making a rounder mix. Mark DeGeorge also gave us a demonstration of the Six Desktop Mixer with all of the classic channel processing SSL is known for with the mobile options for engineers who want to have SSL workflow capabilities from anywhere.
We ended the night with CRAS students getting hands on experience with the AWS console and Mark DeGeorge taking us through the Console's digital analog hybrid capabilities.

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