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Argentina - November 4, 2019

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On Monday, November 4, 2019, the AES ECOS Student Section held its 12th day of sound and recording at Teatro Roma in the city of Avellaneda, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
The event began with María Andrea Farina recalling the birth of theater in ancient Greece and how acoustic problems were resolved in the Greek amphitheaters. She also talked about the benefits of horseshoe theaters, as is the Rome Theater.
Next Jota Picone briefly described the history of the microphone and its development, and Indio Gauvron contributed his experience on critical distance in rooms. A review of the general and particular characteristics of different stereo recording techniques and some case studies on the use of multiple captures of this type for specific purposes were made.
Later Gonzalo Manco detailed and reproduced several bandoneon recordings with different stereo recording techniques, in order to appreciate the different sounds depending on the technique used. He concluded in analyzing the dissimilar situations and being able to solve with good judgment the recording of a very particular instrument.
Then the 1980 String Quartet took the stage to record live with several stereo recording techniques, who delighted us with a wonderful work by our beloved master Astor Piazzolla; "Leak and mystery" (Fuga y misterio)
Once the recording was finished, Indio Gauvron invited the listeners to go through the different places of the stalls to objectively evaluate how the room contributes its character. The playback of the recorded material was made through the theater PA system, but also a national manufacturing PA system, the Linear-F (courtesy of Fefo Acosta), which provided a very important sound quality for this comparative listening.
We are very happy to have reached the expectations in this event, a day full of information and where the audience was always attentive to the speakers while remaining the protagonist of their own training. That is the essence in the dissemination of knowledge, make the listeners being part of their own learning, being able to satisfy the concerns through the theoretical and the empirical with active participation in an increasingly demanding profession that needs qualified professionals to solve problems with criteria.

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