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Aural Escuela - October 29, 2019

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We met with the group that is carrying out mixes in Ambisonics to exchange some partial conclusions and assemble the presentation of November 21 within the framework of the AES AURAL Audio Expertos 2019. To this end, and thanks to the feedback received after the exhibition of our work in progress last June at the AES EXPO Argentina, it was decided to expand the concepts developed, a new order was established for this future talk and the titles of the projects that each member will explain along with the way in which each one faced the work were defined.
On the topics to be explained, we decided to start from immersive audio to be able to arrive at a clearer explanation of what it is to use Ambisonics and the popularity that is gaining thanks to its use in streaming platforms and VR.
On the titles of each project, they were defined as follows:
"Working in UHJ with an alternation between a scene with punctual sources with changes and other completely different scenes" by Leandro Rodríguez.
"Audiovisual work related to the movement of the listener, from the perspective of it" by Maximiliano Osuna.
"Sum of Ambisonics encodings decoded binaurally with binaural recordings" by Julián Ochat.
"Stereo combined with Ambisonics decoded to binaural" by Diego Flores.
"Realistic impression of a performance of acoustic instruments with fixed sources from the perspective of the listener in a rehearsal room situation" by Carla Gatica.
"Immersion of a sound landscape" by David Joya.
Also, the date of the next meeting was established in 10 days, for which each member must already bring a prepared outline of their presentation in order to assemble the topics and work together in the preparation of the final project.

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