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Sala de Audio - November 26, 2009

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Manuel Tapia is an expert in audio. He is a product specialist for important companies such as Community, Nexo and Shure and he was invited to speak to us this week.

He started by talking to us about how sound is transferred and reproduced with the help of transductors. He showed us how the law of inverse squares works for the loss in sound in relation to distance: 6 dB for every doubling of the distance. He then talked about reverb and how to calculate it with the RT 60 formula and it was very clear why we need experts when putting up speakers.

Manuel Tapia then talked to us about different kinds of speakers, different arrangements and where they are used- he talked about the value Q and how it relates to the angles in which speakers work. He talked about phase cancellations and other interactions between two or more speakers. He then explained how line array systems work as one big speaker to cover large areas without unwanted interactions using computing systems to align the array.

In sum, Manuel Tapia helped us understand the world of audio design and how hard it can be to achieve a good sound in a certain enclosure.

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