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Aural Escuela - October 10, 2019

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In this meeting we focus on two different issues, on the one hand the circuit and on the other the diaphragm, leaving aside the system of spectral tuning.

In the electronic part we had a couple of problems between the bootstrap circuit and the preamp, after investigating we realized that the circuit was needing for a lot of current and generated a voltage drop from +48v to +8v, a problem that we solved by changing some of the resistance values .

The diaphragm was made of tensioned cheap aluminum foil with the lid of a paint can and then we glued a metal washer with methacrylate. Since methacrylate is an electrical insulator we had to connect the diaphragm directly to the aluminum paper and not to the washer, also as an insulator we use it to generate the separator.

All these issues delayed the final test, but we are still in a stage of debugging and testing materials but it is still a promising and stimulating project.

In the next meeting we will advance with the spectral tuning.

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