AES Section Meeting Reports

Central Indiana - September 12, 2019

Meeting Topic:

Moderator Name:

Meeting Location:


Agenda items:
• Welcome new committee
• Preparations for next section meeting? Date/time/location?
• Special speaker/tours. Need to schedule
• Student sections status, outreach? Can we assign someone to take on this task?
• Website status and possible overhaul. Hosting options. Compare prices, pro/con.
• Personal emails of committee listed on website next to name? Is it necessary?

In attendance:
Nate Sparks, Brett Leonard, Tim Hsu, Luke Malloy, Phil Hodson
Not in attendance: Barrie Zimmerman, AJ, Jeffrey, Jay Dill, Michael Pet

A. Welcome from Nate
i. Looking for input from returning members
ii. Phil — usually keeping things

B. Upcoming meeting
i. IUPUI interface with students
1. Job panel discussion? Perhaps a Monday evening
a. Oct. 17th event postponed until Spring
ii. Top priority to get something on the schedule
1. IUPUI tour?
a. In tandem with electronic music concert?
i. Dates forthcoming
1. Parking concerns
a. Not uncommon to pay for parking
2. Other locations
a. Esco has been very supportive with locations
b. Sensory Technology might work
c. UIndy would be happy to host
3. Typical attendance
a. ~20
b. Sometimes as few as 5
4. Re-kindle Klipsch relationship
a. Brett will contact them
5. EAR (hearing protection organization)
a. Have a facility in Indy (on Zionsville Rd)
6. Ear Everything
a. Audiologist in town who does molds
b. Used to present at student workshop
7. DCI tour next August?
8. Automotive audio talk (Harman)
a. Drive prototype car down
9. Don Keele, Jr.
a. Constant beamwidth transducers inventor
10. New control room at Lucas Oil stadium
a. Esco installation
11. Sometimes have more traditional "section meeting" prior to a tour
12. Fiber interconnect facility
a. Roger Bishop
i. Promises have been made to schedule tour
13. SynAudCon
a. Pat Brown
14. Channel 6
a. Phil knows the chief engineer
15. Smaller events to bridge large events?
iii. Reviving Student Workshop
1. Ball State was last host?
a. 200+ attendees
C. Student workshops & general participation
i. Small events might be a way to make that happen
ii. Getting Ball State back involved?
iii. IU section has gone somewhat dark...
1. Nate to follow up
iv. UIndy will hopefully get a section going
v. Butler?
1. Do they have a section?
a. Brett to follow up
vi. Purdue student section
1. Small group (per Tim)
2. Combines with ASA
3. Luke will get in touch with them
vii. St Francis?
1. Miles Fulwilder
a. Brett will reach out
viii. Giant educator email list to blast out events
1. All opt-in
2. ~400 addresses
ix. Previous workshops on Saturdays
1. Mid-Spring is ideal
2. Discussion was to start Friday night, then continue on Saturday
a. More "hand's on" tour type events for Friday
3. Previous Hosts: 2 at Ball St, 1 at St. Francis, 1 at IU Bloomington
D. Website
i. A bit out of date...
1. Joe Copenhaver (?) may have previous been webmaster
ii. Nate is taking over
iii. Currently $12.50 a year
1. Set up with Nate as billing contact
a. Take Barry & Fallon off AES account and put Nate on
b. Debit card???
i. Commercial account, so might not work...
c. Still billed to Kyle Snyder
i. Nate will get this sorted out
iv. Currently on the free version of Wordpress
1. Move to main AES site?
a. Keep and redirect
i. Important! We still get redirects from various places
ii. Blog will continue
b. Everyone take a look, then vote/finalize
v. Committee emails on section website?
1. Removed indefinitely
2. We'll have a single point of contact for the section
a. Gmail account:
vi. Next meeting TBD by email
1. Trying to stick to Thursday nights
2. Shoot for group, in-person board meeting first

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