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Atlanta - August 20, 2019

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GIK Acoustics Room Designer, Mike Major, led a presentation on studio room acoustics and treatment. He began by covering why room treatment is needed and how a room should be set up in terms of symmetry and speaker/listening positions. Mike then went through the order in which he would suggest treating a room starting with the first reflection points, corners, back walls, front walls, and lastly rear side walls. He covered the differences in acoustic foam vs. fiberglass, myths about room treatment (such as the popular egg carton myth), and had suggestions on how to budget treating a room in $10k, $5k, and $1k increments. A Q&A closed the evening. GIK Acoustics owner, Glenn Kuras, was in attendance and also provided studio treatment insight throughout the evening.

Snacks and drinks were provided courtesy of GIK Acoustics.

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