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Czech - November 23, 2009

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On Monday, November 23, 2009, annual meetings of the Czech Section and Czech Student Section were held at the Academy of Performing arts. Four seminars were scheduled. In the first of them, Pavel Valousek (Audiopraise) discussed quality aspects of the digital-to-analog conversion from practical point of view, then Jiri Schimmel (Technical University in Brno) presented principles of audio processing on computers in real time. Pavel Stranak (Phobos Audio), who is a prolific speaker at our seminars, every year he presents something interesting, talked about the possibility of cancellation of the distorting DC component and its effect on digital audio signal processing. Finally, Martin Vondrasek (Soning) summed up measurement of spacial sound quality parameters in concert halls. After the technical programme the annual meeting and elections took place.

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