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Aural Escuela - August 14, 2019

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We gathered to begin with the organization of the upcoming celebration of an AES AURAL-AES ARGENTINA event on November at AURAL Escuela de Audio, in order to reach that objective which will let us share that space with Argentinian audio and acoustics referents. The specific task of the meeting was the scheduling of activities by the heads of the three groups, with coordination of the auxiliary advisor.
The meeting began with a detailed report of the activities that are being held by each working group. Group 1 (An introduction to ambisonics) is currently ready to start mixing. Some of the members already have the multitrack and will start the mixing process in the following days, while some are starting to record their material. There was also a review of each individual project. Finally, we agreed to gather on a biweekly basis in order to clear some doubts that may appear, share our discoveries and start elaborating conclusions.
Meanwhile, group 2 (experimental design to asses front/back confusion in binaural externalization environments) reports to have finished the selection and review of bibliography and is ready to begin obtaining the stimuli needed to move forward to their experiment. The working schedule has been already made, which includes obtaining stimuli at a visit to an anechoic chamber, making the experiment and the afterwards data analysis, which will then be part of the investigation plan.
Group 3 (Tunable capacitive microphone and Ambisonics microphone) presented a finished prototype of the ambisonics microphone, which then we tested. The circuitry is working as intended but there were some minor flaws with some of the capsules, so it's going back to revision and it will be tested again soon. As for the capacitive microphone advance, they report that it's almost finished, lacking only the assembly of the diaphragm, having the tensor ready. Also, using a SM-81 backplate is being evaluated. Instance two will begin once assembled and tested. For this instance, it'll be made frequency tunable. Moreover, taking into consideration the upcoming presentation, it was talked about the making of a scale model, with an exploded view so as to show how the microphone was made and how it works.
Lastly we scheduled the forthcoming monthly general meetings and biweekly group specific gatherings. Also, we established progress-specific deadlines for each group.

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