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San Francisco - July 26, 2018

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Ears Hear Now is an audio-only storytelling show using game audio and sound-for-film techniques. to make composition and production of the primary elements (dialogue, music, effects, or DME) a simultaneous and highly interactive process. Creator Larry "The O" applied musical techniques across the elements, so that D, M, and E exist and flow in musical relationships with each other. Larry also explained the conception and production of "The Incident," a fully scored, 33-minute story. He discussed how the show was composed to achieve its emotional objectives, and how he modified audio post systems to support the unusual and extremely fluid creation process from a practical production standpoint.

To the writer, this was a convincing update of "Golden Age of Radio" dramas, with tight pacing and a wide variety of soundscapes accompanying the narration. By eliminating a "talking head" video the listener was truly able to visualize the events - which turned out to be a true story!

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