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Taiwan - May 25, 2019

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1)Master's Program of Electro-acoustics (FCU) was supported by MERRY who is leading manufacturer of Total Electroacoustics Solutions and formally established in 2008, recruiting well-known experts at home and abroad to give lectures
Course design and teaching content are in line with industry needs, combining theory with practice. Ensure the quality of teaching and pursue continuous improvement through the IEET education certification. At the same time, graduates are internationally recognized.
Over the years, Master's Program of Electro-acoustics (FCU) has been working with Ministry of Science and Technology(MOST) for several big projects , including EATD which was lead by Jin H. Huang ,PhD to provide relevant resources and technologies as well as product feature verification.

2) Re-election schedule
2019/10/08 to allow everyone to register or recommend the candidates for the presidium
2019/10/19 approving the list of candidates for the presidium, and announce to vote online for two weeks
2019/11/02 to end the election of the presidium and current chairman announces the list of elected members.
2019/11/03 deadline of Supervisor candidate registration
2019/11/08 announce list of candidates for Supervisors
2019/11/23 section annual meeting , finalise list of Standing directors and Supervisors
3) 3 of the 8 Working Groups proposed projects for Audio Achievement Award
Acoustic: Verification of concert hall design with low frequency reverberation time
Recording Technology and Practices: Modern technology talent cultivation plan
Analog Reproduction : Research on improving the sense of listening to the headphones

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