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Aural Escuela - May 13, 2019

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The board and the faculty advisor met to talk about ways to include through some tasks for new members of group II, after the general meeting where binaural impulse response capture for each one occurred. As first step, it's proposed to each member to extract they own HRTF from the recording of each individual BRIR. Then, convolve it with some stimulus to have a first evaluation of its capabilities -knowing the implications of a non-convergence acoustic situation when using it at home or in any place but in our Studio 2-. We also make a new BRIR here, with my anatomy, trying to improve the SNR, with better results.
Then were shared advanced thoughts about the experimental design in charge of group II. It was decided to keep using the quad speaker setup, and test its externalization capabilities through binaural recording/reproduction in a convergent situation, paying special attention to the front/back confusion. In case of this problem to be shown specifically, we may be able to do measurements to relate this situation in order to sense the visual influence -and the kind of stimulus will be searched in accordance-. Three categories of stimulus will be conformed, looking for alternatives to pink noise, some could be human voice and/or a wide range of wideband stimulus as a snare drum, for example. And something else: it will be a double-blind procedure, and light/dark situations will be tested.

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