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Webster University - January 30, 2019

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Over the last couple of months the students at Webster University have enjoyed a much needed winter break to rest up and spend time with family before diving back into the joyful chaos of school. Now that we're back, Webster AES is working hard at ensuring that our Central Region Audio Student Summit, now 7 weeks out, will be a smash hit and packed with educational opportunities, demonstrations, and thought-provoking presentations.

Other events that we've been putting together in the meantime include our annual 12-hour recording session, where the students assemble a band and a number of songs to record for the rest of the chapter to test their wildest recording techniques and ideas on. We've also been contacting a number of guest speakers for our meetings, setting up a potential field trip to tour the St. Louis Symphony's facilities, and organizing a soldering workshop for students to try their hand at the nitty gritty staple of audio maintenance.

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