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University of York - July 31, 2018

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Audio Engineering Society York Student Section Committee - Minute

Tuesday 31st July 2018 at 19.00, Pod 2, Ron Cooke Hub, University of York

Claudia Nader Jaime (CNJ — Chair)
Haruna Higa (HH — Vice Chair)
Molly Sewell (MS — Secretary, minutes)
Chris Kurtz (CK — Treasurer)

Previous Matters Arising:
19/04-1 Social Media Committee Member — we discussed the possible need for a committee member to deal solely with social media content for the AESYSS. No new candidates.

Action: Ongoing

19/04-2 AESYSS Campaign Funding — CK is to write to audio companies to ask for funding and possible talks next year at UoY.

Action: CK

19/04-3 Amplify Her — Provisional date set for Amplify Her screening: 5th October 2018. Dr. Mariana Lopez has told us that the UK committee is open to the idea of sponsoring the event.

Action: Ongoing

New Matters
31/07-1 Fundraising
CNJ suggested busking and a bake sale to raise funds. Also, a raffle at the next Freshers Fair event in September could win somebody a free student membership. Winner to be revealed at the Amplify Her event in October.

Action: CNJ

31/07-2 Company talks
CK to write to companies asking for assistance and talks to give to students in the next academic year. HH to ask Dan Cartman to give a talk.

Action: CK and HH

Date of Next Meeting
The next meeting will take place on Thursday 30th August 2018. Time and place TBC.

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