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University of York - April 19, 2018

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Audio Engineering Society York Student Section Committee - Minute
Thursday 19th April 2017 at 18.30, Langwith College Grounds

Claudia Nader Jaime (CNJ — Chair)
Molly Sewell (MS — minutes)
Apologies: Chris Kurtz (CK) and Haruna Higa (HH).

Previous Matters Arising:
19/04-1 Social Media Committee Member — we discussed the possible need for a committee member to deal solely with social media content for the AESYSS.

Action: CNJ
19/04-2 AESYSS Campaign Funding — CNJ disclosed that CK is currently writing proposals for funding
Action: Ongoing
19/04-3 Amplify Her — CNJ emailed Dr Mariana Lopez for the help/support of the HeForShe Campaign
and the Centre for Women's' Studies. Amplify Her has been postponed until Sept/Oct 2018. Hope to
incorporate performances from across the different departments (TFTV, music, electronics). Contact
sponsors for demos at the event.

Action: Ongoing

19/04-4 Student Audio Blog
CNJ suggested asking students in various audio departments to write about anything they do related to audio for fun or for work (university or elsewhere).

Action: Ongoing

New Matters
25/04-1 AES Milan Recording Competition
CNJ would like to include experimental audio in the AES recording competition. It was discussed that it would be worth emailing ahead to get it approved for the next AES conference.

Action: CNJ

25/04-2 UN HeForShe Campaign
CNJ reported we need more help getting people involved with HeForShe. She suggested asking Dr Mariana Lopez for the use of her HeForShe banners in AESYSS events. MS is to compose emails to AES student members about our upcoming events.

Action: Ongoing

25/04-3 TFTV Showcase - CNJ suggested running a showcase in TFTV as a safe space for all departments (TFTV, electronics, music) to showcase their work and to get feedback from peers.

Action: Ongoing

25/04-4 LGBT Forum needs help/equipment - An event needs technical help and additional equipment at the Barbican Theatre, York, in July 2018. MS is to ask UoY departments for equipment and to ask around for runners/technicians.

Action: MS

25/04-5 Upcoming Events - CNJ has organised a talk by sound engineer Darryn de la Soul (03/05/2018). MS is to email AES student members about the event as well as the Milan conference and current bursaries for female and non-binary audio students.

Action: MS

Date of Next Meeting
The next meeting will take place on Friday 4th May 2018. Time and place TBC.

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