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Taiwan - November 24, 2018

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AES Taiwan Section's activities and accomplishment in 2018 :
Establishment and approved as Juridical Association in May
Organization Committee election completed in May
Workshop co-organized in June
-Lecture: Audio for Video - Introducing Wireless Microphones
-Lecture: The Future of Microphones — Comparison and Assessment on the Current Virtual Microphones
Workshop co-organized in Aug
- Lecture: Tape recording techniques in the 21st century
- Lecture: Room Modes and How to Treat Them with Active Velocity Absorption
S4 Recording Workshop- Prelude on Nov.17

AES Taiwan Section's mission and plan in 2019:
To get in touch with members who Taiwan section has not contacted
To build up Section's authority in audio engineering academia gradually and connect with the academic community
Establish appropriate relationship with the Ministry of Culture
To leap at the opportunity to hold worldwide seminar in Taiwan
To share information worked by the 8 Working Groups formed by different fields of experts
To create and manage bi-lingual database of Audio terms
To deliver consultant service for Acoustic knowledge
To follow up beneficial result of S4 Recording Workshop project

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