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Nashville - November 13, 2018

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Frank Wells, Jim Kaiser, Mark Rubel, and Mike Porter discussed the various exhibits and panel discussions of interest at this year's show. At the show, Dr. Wes Bulla and recent master's of audio engineering graduate Paul Mayo were awarded "Best Peer-Reviewed Paper" for innovative research on how loudspeaker placement interacts with sense of elevation. Dr. Bulla gave us a short version of his AES convention award winning presentation on human spatial location perception insights. David Kalmusky took us through an abbreviated version of Recording & Production: RP21 - Era-Shifting Recording with David Kalmusky that was presented at this year's show. Davis explained how he took recording techniques from the 1930's, 1960's and 1980's and created a recording blending the instrumentation and recording styles of those periods into a performance of "Amazing Grace". Kirk Harnack discussed the challenges and successes of audio over internet protocols with "Techniques for Success with AoIP Technology". Yoli Mara presented information on the panel discussion husband Chris Mara participated on - "Help! I Have a Tape Machine" Mara Machines is a source for those that are recording using analog tape machines. Audio tape is still manufactured and this presentation explained the various routine maintenance procedures needed to have these machines perform at there best. This is always a great meeting and a big thanks to Frank Wells for pulling it all together again!

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