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Indiana University - September 9, 2018

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Students of the Indiana University AES section held a microphone shootout featuring microphones from the Austrian microphone company LEWITT. This session was engineered by students from the Audio Engineering program at the University and was held at the Georgina Joshi Recording Studio.

LEWITT microphones were exclusively used for this nine hour recording session with a local Bloomington band, Straight Up Chumps. This band consisted of drums, 2 guitars, bass, keysand vocals.

Microphones used on this session include:-DTP 640 REX and DTP 340 REX on Kick drum.-MTP 440 DM on snare drum-DTP 340 TT on toms-LCT 340 (pair) on overheads-LCT 640 TS (pair) as room mics-MTP 440 DM and LCT 440 PUREon both guitar amps-LCT 940 on bass amp-LCT 940 on vocals-LCT 240 and LCT 440 PRO on keyboard amp. Three songs were recorded. All instruments were recorded live and vocals and some guitar parts were overdubbed. Analog signal processing equipment while recording included SSL EQs, SSL Compressors, Pultec EQs, NEVE Compressors and preamps, and API preamps.

The IU AES was very thankful to the Audio department at the University for providing them with excellent recording equipment and an absolutely incredible recording space.The LEWITT microphones sounded really exceptional. Head engineers Evan Berg and Graeme Martin explained in great detail to the attendees of the event about the setup, microphone choices and outboard gear selection.The event turned out to be really great and everyone who attended was exposed to some great new microphones. Many were inspired to buy microphones from LEWITT as well!

Special thanks to Lewitt Microphones for gifting our department with an incredible selection of microphones to use, and to Straight Up Chumps for recording for us!

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