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Aural Escuela - September 17, 2018

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Group I: We discussed a model of construction of a unidimensional scene, based on Rumsey´s Scene Paradigm, digital dynamic range and stereo panning, using a proposed equation with radius, time, wavelength and frequency that pretends to define the size of the component. On the next meeting we will apply the model to frequency, intensity, time a sound field data recollected by the students over the year.
Group II: We recorded individual HRTF´s of all of the attendants, on a direct field frontal on-axis location (2m) from a Genelec 1031A studio monitor. Later, this one was used only as a lure: a little AM radio was placed behind it, generating a suitable ventriloquist effect that was also recorded. On the next meeting we will repeat the setup adding back-on axis stimuli.

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