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Aural Escuela - April 11, 2018

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Group projects will be coordinated by Leandro Rodríguez
The faculty advisor introduced the topics, the concepts and the work mechanic for the two groups.
Group project I: Signal analysis for specific contribution to a Scene-Based-Paradigm model of spatial representation of reproduced sound (Rumsey, 2002). Key words: 1/3 octave frequency analysis in L-R and M-S signals, ADSR, RMS, sound field analysis.
Group project II: Laboratory tests of externalization grade in binaural signals, according to the work of Rodríguez-Lupia-Vergara-Etchemendy (LAPSo-UNQ). Key words: HRTF, convolution, front/back confusion, ventriloquist effect.
Group member consolidation will be defined in the next week.
Individual projects will be coordinated by Fernando Richard and they will be defined in the next meeting.

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