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Central Texas - July 25, 2018

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Andrew Stolz and his team gave us a tour of their recently renovated facilities at the University of Texas Butler School of Music. They have multiple halls and rooms all wired together using MADI and Cat6e connections allowing all the music to be recorded at one central location. Soon they plan to use a Dante system to route all audio through IP.
Their main hall is quite breathtaking with an old pipe organ as a centerpiece that grabs the eye. They have a decca tree using a soundfield MKV microphone and two Sennheiser 8000 microphones and two earthworks TC30 microphones. The decca tree is on a servo system that can be raised and lowered to change the sound. The soundfield microphone also gives them full remote control over the soundfield and angles of the microphone to really dial in each ensemble to balance out the live sounds.
Andrew and his team have done an excellent job of bringing UT facilities to modern standards and their future plans will leave future students with a very bright future indeed.

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