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Beijing - July 17, 2018

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AES-Beijing Successfully held Technical Seminar in Communication University of China

Audio Engineering Society's sub-branch, AES- Beijing has been very positive since its establishment. The latest activity of AES-Beijing was held in the Music and Recording Arts School of CUC on June 20th, 2018.

The technical seminar is supported and sponsored by the Music and Recording Arts School of CUC, LEONIS of Chinese Academy of Science, Fraunhofer IIS Beijing and Audio and Video System Department of Harman. Mr. Wang Shusen, the vice president of AES, president of AES Asia and Pacific Section was the host of the activity.

At the beginning, Prof. Wang Jue, the vice president of Music and Recording Arts School of CUC has welcomed and given a speech to all the audience taking part in the technical seminar. Senior audio professional Prof. Wang Zexiang has introduced his book 'The Handbook of Audio Assessment Professionals' and made a preliminary intension of holding 'Audio Assessment Trianing Camp' with the Recording department of CUC.

Mr. Wang Shusen has awarded the special contribution prize to the dedicate of Peking University's research team who won the Best Student Paper Prize of AES Milan Convention. Meanwhile, he has demonstrated how to use the AES official website to register and pay for the membership dues. Most students on site were willing to join and became new members of AES by themselves using computer or mobile phones.

There were 5 topic presentations in the seminar:
Mr. Toni Fiedler from Fraunhofer IIS Beijing delivered a speech of an object-based coding scheme: MPEG-H, Mr. Wu Jian from Sinemedia has introduced a phase correction processor based in software developed by themselves. As the delegate of Dr. Ma Shichao who is participating in Shanghai Movie Festival, Ms. Shi Zheng from LEONIS made a brief introduction of its HoloSound Immersive Sound System. As Virtual Reality is a hotshot of media technology recently, Mr. Liu Teng from China Sports Media has shared his experiences and suggestions in doing VR video/audio production. PA system expert Mr. Yu Qiao demonstrated how to use different meters in audio assessment and introduced the L-ISA Immersive PA System from France at the end of the technical seminar.

The topic presentations drew lots of interests of the audience which lead to an enthusiastic atmosphere. Prof. Wang Zexiang has awarded the certificate of 'AES Engineer Training Camp' to Mr. Fiedler after presentation. AES-Beijing is hoping to cooperate with CUC in the future to deliver more technical exchanges and seminars.

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