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University of Massachusetts-Lowell - October 14, 2009

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After a spectacular trip full of gear, gossip, education, and inspiration, the students of the Sound Recording Technology program of the University of Massachusetts Lowell gathered together to reflect upon their trip to the 127th Audio Engineering Society convention in New York City. The meeting was geared to both reflect on the trip as well as provide insight and education to those students who were unable to attend the convention.

Seated in a group circle, the interspersed officers encouraged anyone who had gone on the trip to speak about their personal experiences, what they've learned, and what their likes and dislikes were. In a very open forum, everyone was able to ask questions and voice their opinions together. A slideshow of pictures was presented in the background of the discussion to give context to those who didn't get to experience the convention first hand. Pamphlets, papers, and swag - as well as personal notes taken at the convention - were passed around for all to see.

As an added bonus, Tim Jobin joined the meeting as our guest speaker. Tim graduated from the UMass Lowell SRT program last year and came to share his experiences at his internship at Citadel Broadcasting. He spoke about his experiences living and working in Knoxville Tennessee, working with remote location teams to help broadcast various sports events around the city. Students were able to ask questions and gain a deeper insight into their future by gaining practical knowledge from one of their peers.

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