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Central Florida - March 23, 2018

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We had a very productive meeting on Friday. We also passed some motions for changes and improvements which I believe everyone in the board can get behind, but if you were not present at the meeting and have any objections or counter proposals, we can possibly walk back any of the motions if someone strongly objects! I want us to move forward efficiently, and it's become very difficult to have everyone attend meetings so I took advantage of the quorum on Friday to get some valuable work done. Onward and upward!

Present at the meeting were current board members:

Paige Coley
Matt Davis
Bob Katz
Shilpa Patel

Also present, by invite of Paige (with my approval), two proposed new board members, who have particular expertise in social media and who have expressed interest in helping and participating in several ways. We desperately need to expand our outreach as you know:

Kevin Bond
Kyle Hoffer

Both Kevin and Kyle are currently student or associate members and will upgrade to full membership ASAP. In the meantime they're gung ho and working on Slack, Social Media and other improvements! Thank you both! Please welcome Kevin and Kyle to our board.


Further topics discussed:

• We need to locate an app that reconciles people's availability for meetings and maximize attendance. It should suggest the best common date and time. I know that this app exists. Does anyone have any ideas?

• We're switching to Slack for communication. The maillist will soon be dissolved. Kevin will create a Slack tutorial and share with you all. Including all the necessary links for everyone to get set up. The brief video tutorial explains how to create your account and login to the web app and mobile versions of Slack. Trust us, it's not difficult, but rather intuitive! Note from Bob: I played around with the Slack app on my iphone and got the gist in five minutes. "Channels" are the key to what we need most. There's a group channel and you can make private channels. You can make channels for a particular discussion topic, such as an upcoming meeting.

• We made and passed nominations for some new officers.
Bob is co-chair
Paige co-chair
Kyle is treasurer-elect
Raul is stepping down as co-chair due to many conflicts, remains as interim treasurer until Kyle becomes a member
Peter will be listed as "Advisor" (unless, Peter, you object to that title!)
Titles are just names. I do not stand on ceremony. I just want us to get things done quickly and efficiently, for us to move forward. If anyone has any objections to the above changes that we passed on Friday, please speak up. Please bring it up in a private or group discussion on Slack and we will entertain all ideas! You can make a channel for any purpose and invite as many as you wish to that channel. For example, there does not have to be a pair of chairs, there can be just one chair. But I have no desire to be "the chair", and am very happy that Paige has stepped up with lots of good ideas, so the two of us are sharing. I'm also more than willing to step down as chair if someone else would like to take over the chair duty! So speak on the Slack, there are no politics here.

If you would prefer to have another title feel free to speak up. Use your imagination. Many titles are possible, including but not limited to:

There are about 20-30 more possible "titles' which other AES boards around the country have used. So it's not very formal, got it!!!!

• We discussed creating a website, tweaking the Facebook page and Facebook Group. Kevin and Paige will be in charge of that. Here's a summary of the hierarchy of how the Facebook Group, Facebook Page and Website will interact:

We will restructure our Facebook page and group to be more accurate and effective. Notice from the above diagram, that our new website will contain most information and the Facebook Page will source its information from our website. That way when things scroll off of the Facebook Page, people can still reference old meeting reports, videos, etc. on our website.

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