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Taiwan - November 18, 2017

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We are happy to share this news with all members.
On October 17, 2017, We email to our members for an annual meeting on November 18.
An On-Line voting has been approved by Mr. Anthony Schultz (Chair, Regions & Sections Vice President Eastern Region of US/Canada, Audio Engineering Society (AES)). This is to help our members who can not join us on November 18.
Here is the info of our annual meeting on November 18:

Lecture: PDM 1-bit Digital Audio - The signal format of the digital microphone by Mr. Wang Long-Fei.

Current Taiwan Section update.

Nomination and on-site nomination.


Tea Time

Nomination: (Candidate Introduction in Chinese Language PDF)
Chair: Yeh,Chwei-Ching, Chang, Yun-Chih
Vice Chair: Fang, Paul
Secretary: Yen, Chien-Hsun
Treasurer: Huang, Hao-Lun


Chang, Yun-Chih, Chair
Huang Huan-Long , Leader of the Nominations Committee





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