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Boston - September 11, 2017

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Whether you have only one microphone and one recording room, or have a variety of microphones and different rooms available, it's essential to think about the final mix well before you even get into the recording studio. Join Ian as he presents some of the ideas and concepts from his Focal Press/Routledge book "Mic It! Microphones, microphones techniques, and their impact on the final mix". What do you need to think about before and during the recording process to optimize your tracks for your mix? What are you trying to control and capture when you record? What should your priorities be? What are the sonic, artistic, and financial benefits of miking for the mix? Real world and every-day situations will be presented, with plenty of audio examples, and some live demos if facilities are available!

Dr. Corbett talked about basic mic technique.
Thank you Futura Productions and Parsons Audio for hosting and sponsorship.

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