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Syracuse University - April 13, 2017

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John Storyk, the world famous studio designer, came to have a presentation about his career and stories. Started with the first studio project that he was involved, which was Jimi Hendrix's Electric Lady Studio. There was no job such as studio designer back at time, and it is still a minority field now. At the time, John decided to take the job, learned everything he could about the architecture and then came up with the floor plan. That's how John got into the business.

Later on, John explained a few basic acoustic knowledge that help students understand the difficulties he solved throughout his projects. For instance, he stated the use of room ratios and whether they are necessary to be considered depending on the scale of the room and the budget. John also described in which way low frequency influences the room and how to solve that with the proper use of thin glass or plywood boxed with certain depth.

John listed many projects he did in recent years. At the same time, he pointed out cutting edge facts such as that more and more big scale studios were built recently in China. The number of surrounding sound studio rooms are trending upwards. Also, two channel surrounding has been invented due to the VR industry.

Although there is no major such as "acoustic architecture" or "studio design", like he said, john still wanted to inspire students to gain more interests on them or even be part of this industry someday.

Thanks to John's sharing of stories and we admire what he has accomplished in worldwide studio designs market.

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