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San Francisco - July 7, 2017

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A group of 23 members of the San Francisco section as well as 14 non-members met at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, CA for a lively, interactive discussion about audio restoration and repair. The diverse crowd was comprised of musicians, engineers, podcasters, filmmakers, and developers. Jonathan Wyner (M Works Mastering, iZotope, Berklee) and Jessica Thompson (Mastering, Restoration and Archiving Specialist) talked about listening techniques and how they identify and categorize unwanted sounds. They gave an overview of different types of restoration tools, including recent advances in machine learning algorithms, and discussed how to view and interpret audio information via graphic wave forms and spectrograms.

The bulk of the event was devoted to live demos using the restoration suite in iZotope RX6. Wyner and Thompson demonstrated the Spectral Repair, Voice De-noise, Azimuth, De-hum, among other tools, to restore a noisy oral history recording and several musical recordings.

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