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Central Indiana - March 23, 2017

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The Central Indiana (CI) Section held its March meeting at Indy Acoustic Research LLC in Indianapolis.
IAR is an acoustic design and test consulting firm chiefly in telecom, consumer audio, and industrial acoustics that traces its heritage to Bell Labs and MWM Acoustics. The theme was humorously entitled as "Now for Something Completely Different" because IAR is a lot different from previous meeting subjects which were more focused on sound systems and recording.
A brief talk on IAR history and competencies was shared by Larry Marcus, AES member and CI board member, and Marc Reese, AES member. Attendees then witnessed three sets of demonstrations on capabilities in voice controlled devices (cloud based speech recognition), headphone testing with interfering noise, and simulation of transducers as a first stage to design.
Marc Reese, Curtis Gahimer (also AES-CI board member), Glenn Hess, and Larry gave practical demonstrations in the IAR anechoic chamber and sound proof booth. Theoretical issues and governing standards for the telecom/communication space were discussed, as well as the complexity of integrating telecom into consumer audio devices.
Twenty attendees enjoyed refreshments, good comradery, and fruitful discussions.

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