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San Francisco - April 3, 2017

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Two games were presented entirely from the perspective of audio: why a certain effect was desired, and how it was achieved. David Earl and Cameron Stoddard started out discusssing "Headliner", a game with a 1970s analogue soundscape. Vintage analogue synths and effects were used (though converted to digital and manipulated further in the digital realm). Paul O'Rourke discussed "Rhombus of Ruin", and pointed out the differences between linear music and what needs to be planned/executed for a game. Anna Kipnis, a programmer, discussed "Double Fine". She went into detail about setting up flow charts to keep track of the chess-like structure of a game programme, and also mentioned the importance of recording dialogue. All four panelists talked about the need for teamwork and communication throughout the process, emphasising that initial ideas often morph into something very different by the time the game is ready for marketing.

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