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Syracuse University - March 26, 2017

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Yesterday, AES leadership board attended the budget meeting , discussing about the possibility of receiving funds for bringing in guests from AES convention in the fall. For Spring, we got 500 dollars and then we intend to apply a bigger amount for more events next semester.

Frank, the president encouraged members to start doing research about whom we want to bring in for guest speaking. During the trip for AES convention, it could make it easier about who we want to reach out. Also, living in NYC during the trip is not an issue anymore, thanks to the help of members like Ryan living at Long island. Members will stay in their houses for the night with safety.

For the Jon Storyk's presentation on April 13th, Frank states the possibility of lengthening event time in auditorium to nine o'clock. There are schedule of auditorium needed to be checked and office needed to be reached.

Finally, since Frank is graduating this semester, new election needed to be discussed in a full-member meeting later on.


Haocheng Wang
Frank E Sheffield
Ryan Casmody
Jimmy Cinski
Charles Tassel

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