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Colorado - July 31, 2009

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The Colorado section visited the site of the Aspen Music Festival and School and was hosted by Chris Cecere, chief engineer for the recording program at the festival. The section received a tour of the recording facilities in the Benedict Music Tent and Harris Concert Hall and met students in the recording program. The section was treated to a piano recital in Harris Hall and then a Chamber Orchestra performance in the Music Tent. For the latter, members were invited to visit the recording control room during the performance and compare the recorded sound to the live experience as well as audition several different microphone configurations set up for the performance.

Several of the section members, guests and AMFS staff, students and faculty (including AES Fellow Jurgen Wahl) convened for dinner after the concert.

The next morning, the section and AMFS students were invited to Jamie Rosenberg's nearby Great Divide studios for a tour of the studio and Jamie's impressive microphone and guitar collections and discussion of pop recoding techniques as contrasted to the classical recording experienced the night before.

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