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University of Michigan - October 27, 2016

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- Jaime should publicise what we talk about in the board meetings in order to update members
- We want to publicise next week's meeting
- Chill/hangout
- facebook event under AES name
- don't use the name wrap-up ceremony

- Film Scoring Competition turnout
- Prize announcement next week
- What can we improve?
- Go to classes to explain in detail so people can have a clear idea. (such as 201/202)
- Publicise the event more
- The film might not be what people expect a film to be, and might be challenging to score to. This might have put people off.
- Mitchell will email with Dinsha about the turnout of the competition

- Possible Isotope Visit
- we should follow through on
- in April

- ESG Townhall
- asking Cedric and Jaime if they could make the ESG Town Hall meeting at 6pm next Tuesday.

- Dave McLaughlin visit
- submit an event report on AES website
- Happening now email works really well!

- Mix/Remix
- Send out an email enquiring if people have a band to be used for Mix/Remix
- Fisher and Mitchell will draft out email
- Cedric needs to start contacting sponsors for prizes
- Make the recording session an event with Dave

- Leon Speakers
- Leon speakers want to do a tour with us
- They want us to come while they are operational so we can see their assembly line. (Staffs leave at 4pm)
- 3pm on Friday might be a reasonable time
- December 2 or December 9. Let Jameson choose the date
- We can make this an annual thing
- Leon Scholarship, not make it a PAT only thing

- Amateur Radio Club
- Putting together a soldering workshop with a person from NASA
- We might be able to jump in on that as a co-host

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