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Syracuse University - October 2, 2016

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Sunday, October 2, 2016
2:17 PM

Meeting notes, Sunday October 2

1. Discuss the time for guest speaker event. Wednesday night is appropriate temporarily. Find way to notify other students holding interests such as Audio Art graduates.
2. New position needed(notification to adviser James Abbott): Social Media Chair. After voting, we have Andrew as the position.
3. Plan the nearby trip for concerts and studio. Fees could be covered by the office, totally applicable.
4.Looking for people finding the schematic and fixing an Ibanez SW35 amplifier. Then it could be placed in Belfer studio for musicians or students who are not able to bring their own gear.

Jimmy Cinski
Ryan Casmody
Charles Van Tassel
Eric Thompson
Adams Nitzberg
Andrew Tongue
Frank Sheffield
Haocheng Wang

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