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Wisconsin - May 18, 2016

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Chicago native former Smart Studio Engineer Drummer for Cashbox Kings opened the floor, topics of discussion included:

Tracking, OverDubbing, Rehearsal/intimate performance space
Shows can be arranged via website and facebook
Evening and Weekend recordings
Room acoustics—no flutters, haven't had problems
A lot to do with mic placement
Mic placement is huge, as well as a good balance of direct and reflected sound.

Expectations and limitations shape sessions; additional tracks, reduction mix.

Preproduction ? Almost none ...people are making records to the standard that they set for themselves.

Analog vs Digital....the difference is something visceral.
Dependability, Resilience in preservation in Analog
Part availability can be a hindrance to analog; relays can be problematic in consumer tape machines
Analog artifacts: Flutter, Scrap flutter, Wow (low frequencies)
can be good harmonic distortion
Can be recreated
8 track limitation
Can be overcome bounce down to two
Mix and add to fresh tape. W. 6 open
Now Steve Albini — not an artifact guy- all about transparency
Studer 820s in everyroom cleaner digital sound
Equipment determined largely by budget. Alice 828, Soundcraft Series 200 SR, Mara Amphex 456, PCM 41 Lexicon, 200 ohm mics, an EV RE-20, and AKG D120, to name a couple.

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