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Javeriana University - April 18, 2016

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On Monday April 18th a conference on film music by Felipe Linares took place. Based on his training and experience as a musician, composer and his extensive work in audiovisual productions, Felipe Linares addressed a conference whose purpose was to review the role music has in film productions. The talk was held in Centro Atico's auditorium (Pontificia Universidad Javeriana) in the afternoon.

The summoning for this event was open not only for sound engineers, also for composers, who showed great interest in the subject; and in general for anyone interested whether or not members of Javeriana University. The talk was well attended. Throughout the talk examples of various scenes from different movies and short films were used; in order to show how the development of music can be in different ways. Below is an image in which Felipe Linares appears making his presentation:

One of the important items discussed during the talk was the relationship of music to what was happening on each scene. That is, does the music belong in the scene or is it an extradiegetic item? The topic of a musical motif that accompanies a character was also discussed. It was mentioned that for these cases is vital that the musical motif is recognizable and can be associated with the character; that intention, dynamics and instrumentation are in line with the psyche of the character.

As for work on the productions, Felipe Linares talked about how close the producer of film music should work with the director of the film. In addition, the importance of the relationship between the script and the musical intention was highlighted. Towards the end of the talk, Felipe Linares projected a trailer of the Colombian film "Malos Dias" in which he also participated as composer of the soundtrack. Finally, there was a round of questions in which the attendees had the opportunity to talk with Felipe Linares about his career, his point of view regarding certain musical ideas and proposals and how to work in a film production.

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