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Southwestern College - April 20, 2016

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One of the members of our newly established committee, Anothony Buckley, opened up the meeting with an engaging group activity. This activity tested our knowledge of both audio terms and concepts. This was also an opportunity for members to get to know one another. Next we announced upcoming events, which included AES LA Chapter meetings and the upcoming AES Convention in Los Angeles.

Our Vice Chair Austin continued the meeting by introducing our End of Semester Student Showcase and competition which takes place on May 20th with a submission deadline of May 18th. The guidelines are to produce any form of audio media, ranging from music, post-production audio, etc. Next we had our Secretary Isaiah discuss the recent Ableton event at San Diego State University, where students of audio got a more in depth look into Audio Racks, Sampling to Midi, and more. Isaiah then opened up the floor where other students that attended talked about what they took away from the demonstration. Various members spoke about the connections they made with prospective members.

At this point we felt it was appropriate to discuss the importance of networking and business cards. Our Treasurer Darrel walked us through the significance of having networking skills and how to approach people in a professional capacity. We closed the meeting with an overview of upcoming summer events to be announced by our committee.

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