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Ball State University - October 14, 2015

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He's a musician
BS in Mechanical Engineering at Colorado State University
Member of NCAC and AES
Lead Acoustical Engineer at Auralex Acoustics 01-09.
Prominent projects include: Ringo Starr, Coldplay, Disney, Apple, Berklee, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Smashing Pumpkins, etc.

Types of Acoustical Consulting Services
Architectural Acoustics
Environmental Noise Control
Industrial Noise Control
Mechanical Noise and Vibration Control
Sound System Design

Room Acoustics
Reverb time
Frequency response
Impulse response - reflections
Overall sound quality
Speech intelligibility
Speaker and listening position optimization
subjective science
Sound Transmission
Disturbing roommates or neighbors
Outside noise

Applications - recording studios, houses of worship, home theaters, conference rooms, auditoriums, restaurants, offices, live music venues, interrogation rooms, gyms, classrooms

Sound Isolations - what stops sound
Mass - add more material
Decoupling - like the shocks in cars, absorbs the sound
Construction approach

Room Correction Software
Only affects the frequency domain

Room Modes
Standing Waves - f <~ 200 Hz
Nodes and Antinodes in all small rooms
Axial - two surfaces
Bass traps on the ceiling, sides, back, etc.
Tangential - four surfaces
Corners are treated
Oblique - 6 surfaces

38% point is the best place for your mix position
Speed of sound = 1.13 ft/ms

Acoustical Materials
Scatters the energy
Bass traps
Reduces peaks and dips in the low frequency range

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