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Ball State University - March 1, 2016

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Introduction of members
Went over structure of condenser, ribbon, and dynamic microphones
Microphones used in demonstration:
- Vocals: SM7B, sE2200A, Superlux R102
- Guitar: Royer 121, KM 184, SM57
Favorite mics in group (by rank)
- Guitars: Ribbon;Royer 121: Warmer sound, Condenser mic;KM184: Made voice sound very clear, but not as "musical", Dynamic mic;SM57: Made guitar sound harsh
- Vocals: Dynamic; SM7B: Made voice sound full and "thick", Ribbon; R102: Warmer sound, More rounded out tone, Condenser;sE2200a:Thinner sound
Attempted several positions, including placing guitar mics in the soundhole, and using the vocal condenser as a room mic
- Room mic made guitar and vocals sound bigger
- How could we pick up more attack from the guitar? Aim the microphone,, positioned at the 12th fret) towards the soundhole.
"In-the-box" vs. "out-the-box" processing? This is the difference between processing recorded signal inside the DAW (in-the-box) with plugins, or using analog gear (out-the-box), whether you record it using the gear or use it in post-processing.

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