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Sacramento Valley - March 26, 2009

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During this compressor comparison and tutorial meeting, we took a recorded waveform and ran it through various compressors such as the Millennia Media TCL-2, the UREI LA2A, LA3A, 1176, the Focusrite Red 3, the Empirical Labs Distressor and the FMR Audio RNC for comparison. We also compared the Innertube Audio Atomic Squeeze Box, dbx 160X and 162, Manley Variable Mu and the UREI 1178. We discussed the features of compressors such as threshold, ratio, attack, release, stereo linking, make up gain and peak vs. RMS sensing. We also discussed compression terms such as hard knee, soft knee, limiting, and clipping. Feed-forward and feed-back compressor designs were also discussed.

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