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Southern Florida - February 22, 2016

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As the Southern Florida Chapter establishes itself, this meeting was focused around a guest speaking event. The guest speaker was legendary Producer, Mixer, Engineer: Ron Saint Germain (40+ years with credits to include: Michael Jackson, U2, Tool, Soundgarden, Jimi Hendrix, Whitney Houston, 311, Bad Brains, Muse and Creed)
The first part of the meeting was focused toward Chapter Members and did a quick overview on the progress of establishing the chapter. (See the actual minutes above). The Chapter Meeting was from 7:30 to 8PM then the doors opened for guests. We marketed this event to our audio community including schools with the hopes to inspire enough interest in the event and promote membership in the AES and our Chapter.
Ron spoke of his journey from when he first entered the industry to reaching some of his biggest success. He reminded the audience about the "passion" that drives us all and how important it is to keep that passion to be successful. Many of his experiences and hurdles were explained by his real life stories.
Some of the stories focused on the importance of songwriting, others focused on his approach to production and how that's changed over the 4 decades of his career. This was coupled with fun stories like the "phoned in vocals" during a Bad Brains session where the lead singer had to report to jail with 1 last song to track and how them managed to pull this off from a technical standpoint.
This event began at 8PM and ended at approximately 9:45PM and was followed by a meet and greet with "The Saint" and our attendees.

"Emulate the people who inspire you. Say something real. Tell a story."
{Ron Saint Germain}

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