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Wisconsin - November 18, 2015

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18:30: Presentation
Matt Smith studied at Full Sail, worked with the Burst Collective (owned by Dan Holtler) & License Lab. Smith is an ASCAP member. He has produced over 1,500 songs. Smith says transitioning from Production Music to teaching Music Production classes is difficult. He says learning a new DAW is useful for developing troubleshooting skills and for understanding the basics of signal flow.
Smith discussed types of music licenses and their benefits and drawbacks, and marketable track formats. Stems are not worth the time, attests Smith, but you may consider having them on hand "just in case."
He says in Production Music, you have 15 seconds to get to the main point of the song. Most songs are retitled after the fact. Inhabit the vibe—recreate it.
His strategy for creating prolificly...just start! Just do it!

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