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Wisconsin - October 13, 2015

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6:36 P.M.: Presentation
Genelec coined "active monitor" in 1978 with its first loudspeaker, the S30. Precision tone controls, driver unit protection circuitry, advanced amplifier topologies, and a proprietary HF ribbon driver. Directivity Control Waveguide on mid driver or tweeter, on every product, focuses energy at crossover from driver to driver for smooth transitions and greater imaging. Porting System developed from subwoofers for efficiency-ported box with spiral enclosure as big as the box itself, long flaring tube in rear for airflow.
In 1995, Genelec made speaker boxes with aluminum, beveled edges for smoother, splatter-less sound. Smart active monitoring [SAM], daisy-chained to the Genelec hub, set-up up to 30 speakers in software. Compensation file in mic.

7:15 P.M.: Live Demo of Auto Calibration
Studio Psychoacoustics — consider the 37% rule, squareness of the room, speaker placement, sub-response, side-wall/front-wall, ceiling height/floor/speaker level---place slightly above eye level and point downwards.

8:00 P.M.: Adjourned

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