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Pacific Northwest - November 11, 2015

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Attendees included AES executive director Bob Moses who was accompanied by a student considering pursuing higher education in audio engineering.

After the panelists introduced themselves and briefly described the nature of their institution's audio education program, Steve Turnidge kicked off the discussion by posing the question, "Why would someone seek higher education in the field of audio engineering?"

The panel moved on to discuss the foundational relationship of music studies to audio engineering and the need for musical literacy in the audio profession.

The topic of internships was addressed by each panelist, with each one describing their institution's approach. The panel discussed the various roles interns may play in a studio setting, the essential requirement of people skills, and differences between academic and non-academic internships.
Extended discussion ensued concerning the recent and drastic changes affecting the music business as a whole, the professional recording studio business in particular, the emergence of the video game industry, and the explosion of new media and the accompanying need for original content. Consensus was reached among the panel members that this is an unpredictable but exciting time to be entering the field, rife with opportunity but still lacking a guaranteed roadmap to success.

As is the usual custom, following a brief break for refreshments and individual discussions, door prizes were awarded:

Courtesy of Ivan Tashev:
-A license for Windows 10 Professional - won by Marlie Pesek
-A license for MS Office, Home & Student Edition - Greg Dixon
-T-Shirt, front reads "I'm here because somebody broke something" and the rear reads, "GEEK" - Jayney Wallich

Courtesy Steve Malott: Designing Sound by Andy Farnell - Rick Chinn
Courtesy Steve Turnidge, Burning Sky Records: - Beautiful Escape CD - Henry Honig

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